Three Safe, Natural Ways To Fight The Fatigue You’re Experiencing During Pregnancy

3 November 2016
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Being pregnant leads to a complicated mix of emotions. You're excited that you're about to have a baby, but the symptoms -- especially the ongoing feelings of fatigue -- can leave you grouchy and on edge. You typically want to stay away from drugs and medications like excess caffeine and energy drinks when you're pregnant, but there are some ways to safely and naturally fight this fatigue. Massage Therapy Make weekly appointments with an experienced massage therapist. Read More 

Avoid Back Injuries When Preparing Your Yard For Winter

29 August 2016
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Back injuries that require you to seek the care of a chiropractor can occur at any time, but there's a high risk of kinking your back, slipping a disc, or suffering another serious back issue when you're doing physical labor. With autumn just around the corner, you'll soon be spending time in your yard doing a variety of important jobs to make the area ready for winter. Many of the movements that you'll be doing and the tools that you'll be using could put you at risk of a back injury, so instead of doing something that requires you to get an adjustment, you should take preventative steps to protect yourself. Read More 

Massage Therapy As Treatment For Anxiety And Depression

27 January 2016
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Anxiety and depression are common disorders that can be debilitating to many people. These disorders often coexist and are often undertreated. Depression and anxiety can be linked to interfere in your social life, your employment, and your overall happiness. While these conditions are typically treated with medication or psychotherapy, these treatments are not always optimal. Factors such as the willingness to take medication or bad side effects can prevent some from taking traditional therapies. Read More