Avoid Back Injuries When Preparing Your Yard For Winter

29 August 2016
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Back injuries that require you to seek the care of a chiropractor can occur at any time, but there's a high risk of kinking your back, slipping a disc, or suffering another serious back issue when you're doing physical labor. With autumn just around the corner, you'll soon be spending time in your yard doing a variety of important jobs to make the area ready for winter. Many of the movements that you'll be doing and the tools that you'll be using could put you at risk of a back injury, so instead of doing something that requires you to get an adjustment, you should take preventative steps to protect yourself. Here are some things that you can do.

Use Back-Friendly Tools

It might be time to get rid of the old tools in your garden shed in favor of those that are a little friendlier to your back. Many tools that you'll use during the fall, including rakes for collecting leaves, can cause you to bend over in a manner that could harm your back. A better choice is an ergonomic rake. This tool conventionally has a bend in the shaft that allows you to hold the tool and still stand upright, thus reducing the risk of sustaining an injury that could land you on the chiropractor's table.

Adjust Your Power Tools

Whether you're cutting the lawn for the last time or using your lawnmower to mulch the leaves that have fallen, you may be able to make an adjustment to lessen the risk of an injury while using this tool. In many cases, you'll be able to extend the handles of the mower; this will allow you to stand in more of an upright manner as you walk, which is better for your back.

Change Your Mechanics

Many handheld tools, such as a chainsaw, leaf blower, and other such tools, can be risky for your back. Because of the weight of these tools, and the fact that you often use them with your arms extended, they can pull your back into an unhealthy position that ends up requiring a chiropractic adjustment. It's important to change your mechanics; keep your arms close to your body and maintain an erect posture, rather than hunching over and reaching far away from your body. It's also important to take frequent breaks and even try some back stretches to lessen the risk of developing an injury. If you do experience back pain, however, it's best to stop your work and make a chiropractic appointment.