Your Chiropractor Can Perform Your Annual Physical Exam

21 May 2015
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Many people believe that chiropractors are only knowledgeable about issues related to the back. In fact, chiropractors are medical care practitioners whose expertise extend beyond the back. Most chiropractors like to take their patient's entire well-being into consideration. In fact, your chiropractor can even perform your annual physical exam.

What Is The Same

Your chiropractor will cover the same basics in your physical exam that your regular physician would. They will take your blood pressure and check your blood sugar levels. They will order any blood work that is needed to monitor any conditions you have and check for new conditions. 

Your chiropractor will listen to your heart beat. They can even order an electrocardiogram test, and read the results of the test, to ensure that your heart is working correctly. 

Next, they will listen to you breath and make sure that there is no congestion in your lungs. If they hear any congestion, they can order up the appropriate imaging needed to look further into the cause of your congestion. They will even examine and look at your eyes, ears and mouth. 

Just like your primary care physician, chiropractors are also trained to spot mental health issues and will work with you on natural ways to address those issues should they arise. 

A chiropractor will cover the exact same things that your regular physician would during an annual exam, and they are authorized to order all of the same tests, just like any other medical doctor. 

What Is Different

There are also some differences between how a regular family physician and how a chiropractor conducts an annual exam.

  • Lifestyle Evaluation: Although your primary care physician may ask you if you eat healthier and inquire a little bit into your lifestyle, a chiropractor is more likely to ask more detailed questions about your diet and lifestyle. Many chiropractors are also trained and certified in nutritional health, and thus will try to find connections between your diet and your physical and mental well-being. Your chiropractor may be more knowledgeable about diet alternatives and adjustments you can make to improve your health. 
  • Alternative Treatment Methods: Unless your chiropractor is also a doctor of medicine, your chiropractor cannot prescribe prescription drugs. If you do not like to use prescription drugs to treat health issues, a chiropractor will have more experience and expertise with natural alternative treatment methods than a primary care physician will have, since that is the only way they can treat issues. A few examples of how they may treat common issues include:
    • Allergies Or Sinus Problems: Realigning your neck to relieve the pressure in your sinus cavities. 
    • Tinnitus: Checking the alignment of the vertebrae in your neck, since those vertebrae are connected to your auditory nerves. 
    • Constipation: Checking the alignment of the vertebrae in your lower back that is connected to your digestive nervous system and fix it if the alignment is off. Suggesting dietary changes and supplements that can assist with digestion. 

If you are looking for a slightly different perspective for your next annual exam, consider going to your chiropractor. Your chiropractor will go through all the same examinations that your family doctor would perform.  However, your chiropractor will focus on more natural and alternative methods of treating any physical or mental health issues that come up during your exam.