Alternative Back Pain Treatments: What You Should Know

8 April 2015
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When you are suffering from back pain, whether it is a chronic condition or n acute case or injury, your one and only goal is to find treatment options that will eliminate your pain quickly and effectively. While a trip to your doctor's office may result in a prescription for painkillers that will help to dull or mask your pain, you are looking for other solutions to your back pain problem, ones that will not put you at risk of becoming dependent on prescription painkillers. 

So, get to know some of the options available to you to treat your back pain through the use of alternative medicine techniques and treatments.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is a technique commonly used by chiropractors to treat patients who either do not respond to standard spinal manipulations, or who are uncomfortable with the popping and cracking sounds and sensations associated with normal chiropractic treatments.

Cold laser therapy is a technique in which a practitioner uses a handheld device to emit specific wavelengths of light through the surface of the skin into the underlying tissues. The light energy (the laser) is non-thermal, meaning it does not generate heat.

The light energy is meant to stimulate healing in injured or damaged tissues which helps to reduce and eliminate pain.  Your practitioner will use the laser on your skin for several minutes, the duration of which depends on the size of the affected area and the intensity of your pain.

Continued cold laser treatments can help to speed recovery from injuries and can even help to reduce chronic pain. 


Aside from cold laser treatments, some people also turn to electrotherapy for relief from back pain. Electrotherapy is a form of electric stimulation (sometimes referred to as electroshock therapy). While this treatment has been used controversially in the past, it does have useful applications in pain management. 

A chiropractor or even a physical therapist will place small adhesive pads on the affected areas of your back to transmit a mild electric current into the muscles and nerves beneath the surface of your skin. The current can disrupt the activity of pain receptors in the nerves and thus reduce the amount of pain you feel in you back. 

Additionally, electrotherapy can help to resolve issues of muscle spasms in the back that can cause severe pain. Electrotherapy is not painful. In fact, the only discomfort patients may feel is a mild skin reaction to the adhesives in the pads. 

As you can see, alternative medicine does have treatment options available to you to help to alleviate and reduce your back pain. So, give these methods a try and you may find yourself pain-free sooner rather than later. To learn more, contact a company like Pro-Active Chiropractic.