Stretches You Can Do At Home For Back Pain

3 April 2015
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Working at a computer all day can promote bad posture and can lead to a lifetime of back pain if you are constantly hunched over. It is important to stretch on a regular basis and make sure that you are sitting in a straight position while working to ensure the least amount of strain on your back. Here is a set of simple exercises you can do by yourself to help stretch out muscles while at work.

Use A Tea Towel To Stretch The Back Muscles

Office workers will sometimes feel signs of back pain because they sit at a desk all day and type at a computer screen. Commonly with this particular type of back pain will be accompanied by some tension in the neck area, mostly caused due to bad posture and sitting in a hunched position. You can take a tea towel, put it behind your back while gripping the ends with both hands and pull it an up motion and then down. This will help to stretch out the muscles in the back that are connected to the neck that can be the source of discomfort.

Use A Doorway To Stretch

Another stretch that works is to use a door way to stretch out the chest and arm muscles. You still perfect straight inside the doorway and then place one arm in an L position on the edge of the door and push. Make sure that your body remains perfectly straight and that your body doesn't extent past the arm that you are stretching inside the door. Hold this stretch for approximately 30 seconds and then repeat it with the other arm on the opposite side of the doorway. This will work to alleviate tension in the upper chest by stretching out the muscles in the armpit area.

Use Resistance Bands

Using a resistance band lay one end on the ground and step on it with your feet. Hold the opposite end of the band on the right side, in your hand and lift it above your head. You should have an ample amount of resistance, but not so much that you cannot lift the resistance band above your head. Now with your left hand before you begin lifting, grab hold of your triceps on your right side to brace it while you lift the resistance band above your head and then release the tension of the band by coming back down. This will work out all the muscles in your arms and can help to loosen up pinched nerves that sometimes cause back or neck strain.

If back pain persists then you should immediately consult with a chiropractor like Gerleman Chiropractic Office who can examine and treat the back muscles and spine.