3 Techniques Chiropractors Can Use To Help Hockey Players

6 August 2015
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Playing hockey is a great way to get physical exercise and relieve stress, but a hockey game can also result in some serious aches and pains. Due to the physical nature of hockey, players often find themselves in need of chiropractic care. Here are three techniques you should ask your chiropractor about the next time your hockey game leaves you feeling sore. 1. Active Release Techniques (ART) Unlike a traditional chiropractic examination, an ART examination is customized for each individual patient. Read More 

3 Health Conditions That Can Be Helped With Chiropractic Care

29 July 2015
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So often, people with certain medical conditions are forced to take prescription medications that they don't want. While the medication can help some of their symptoms, there are some health conditions that could be helped without pharmaceuticals. Here are three health conditions that can be helped with chiropractic care. 1. Chronic tension headaches. Having chronic tension headaches can be a pain in the neck - literally. If you suffer from tension headaches regularly, you should consider seeing a chiropractor. Read More 

3 Tips To Follow After Your Chiropractic Adjustment

9 July 2015
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Visiting a chiropractor can provide the significant pain relief that allows you to restore your quality of life. Although your chiropractor takes charge during the appointment itself, it's important for you to take an active role in your recuperation in the hours and days after the adjustment to maximize its effects. Because each chiropractic adjustment can be different based on the physical condition you've been experiencing, it's always important to talk to your chiropractor about the specific after-treatment care steps you should adopt. Read More 

Don’t Let These 3 Myths Stop You From Going To The Chiropractor

25 June 2015
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At one point in time or another, you have probably heard about chiropractors and what they can do for you. However, there are often misconceptions that form that cause many people not to visit one of these medical professionals. Instead of getting the relief they desire, they walk around in pain because of their own fear and worry holding them back. Chiropractic care can help to eliminate pain and allow you to move on with your life and do all the things you enjoy. Read More 

Three Signs That You Need A Chiropractic Adjustment

23 June 2015
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While it can often be easy to grow accustomed to back pain and simply accept that this discomfort is a part of your daily life, it's generally more difficult to declare that enough is enough and book a chiropractic adjustment. Part of the reason that you might shy away from visiting the chiropractor is a lack of understanding about the symptoms you experience. By having a firm grasp of your symptoms--and how a chiropractor can likely work to help you--you shouldn't have any trouble picking up the phone and taking a proactive approach to your physical health. Read More